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3/7/12: How Not to Be Boring

Who are the most fascinating people you know? Who do you enjoy being around more than anyone else and why? Who makes you feel great? And on the other hand, who do you avoid like the plague and why?

Tonight's discussion will look at the common characteristics and behaviors of those people who light up a room, the people who make others feel special, who are clear lights, who are rarely boring. What are their skills, their attitudes, their ways of being? 

And, since this is an amazing, vibrant community, we'll be learning from each other, too. What do we admire in each other's behavior?

Special bonus: How to be Boring. Get tickets. 

Music with the ridiculously not-boring John Anaya. You are going to love this guy!

Leaders:  Christine McCaull is discussion leader for tonight.  Maya will do the meditation and close.

Chef Leo is preparing dinner.  Get tickets.